Dapps trying us out


Finets are groups of individuals coming together to achieve their individual aspirations by unlocking the implicit trust in their social networks. Visit Website.


Tracy is the first blockchain enabled decentralized solution which helps manage the privacy angle in contact tracing, quarantine management and finally restoring confident and free movement. Visit Website.


TransactBlock is the first product to offer the private equity and venture capital community a fund management platform based on the blockchain. Visit Website.


Aurum is a unique peer-to-peer lending platform based on precious metals. The lending platform combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts and allows people to securitize their gold and other precious metals and tokenize the value to invest.


PharmaCoin provides a revolutionary Platform to conduct secure, safe transactions in the marijuana economy. This is a unique combination of mobile technologies, medical users, businesses, regulators, cryptocurrency, and blockchain allows the marijuana economy to be safer, reduce costs, and enforce guidelines and regulations.

Digital Accountant TM

Digital AccountantTM is an industry leading audit tool for managing ledgers using blockchain technology. This allows firms to introduce blockchain technology into the accounting practices of a company to revolutionize accounting practices for the new digital order.